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December 08, 2006

Dear [First Name],

I am delighted to share a special challenge opportunity to leverage your membership renewal dollars on behalf of the Public Library of Science!

Our major funders, Herb and Marion Sandler and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, remain firmly committed to PLoS. They have invested heavily in our endeavors because they strongly support our mission to make the world’s scientific and medical literature a public resource.

To encourage their fellow members to join in this philanthropic effort, the Sandlers and the Moore Foundation have created a challenge grant that will benefit our ongoing efforts here at PLoS. They will match every dollar donated to PLoS in 2006 on the condition we raise $1 million by the end of this year.

We are well on our way to meeting this challenge, and your 2007 membership renewal can help take us over the top. Our records show your last gift was [Donation Amount] at the [Donation Level] level.

Your 2007 Individual Membership will allow us to continue our work in transforming scholarly communication such as our newest endeavor PLoS ONE, which will take full advantage of Web publishing technologies to make distributing primary research as efficient, effective and just plain useful to the public at large as possible. I encourage you to join the Sandlers and the Moore Foundation in domocratizing international access to scientifically sound, peer-reviewed research by giving generously during this special challenge opportunity.

For more information on PLoS and PLoS ONE please go to the following links:

We cannot predict what scholarly scientific communication will look like in two years, let alone five, but you have a voice in shaping its future.  Please show your support of PLoS and open access by renewing your membership again today.

Warm regards,

Donna Okubo
Institutional Relations Manager