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October 13, 2006

Dear PLoS ONE enthusiast,

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Here's a round-up of what's new...

We opened our doors to papers on August 4th and we're delighted to report that they are flowing in nicely. To date we have 210 submissions, and in the last week alone we received 30 new papers.

Remember that from now until launch, we are offering early authors 40% off the regular publication fee and that submitting your work online is easy.

With these healthy article volumes, it is reassuring to see people volunteering to join our editorial board, which now has 179 members. There are still subject areas in which we require more assistance and we are also keen to encourage researchers from less developed countries of the world to work with us. If you want to help out, email plosone@plos.org.

The scientific community has been buzzing about PLoS ONE for a while, calling it “a journal but not as we know it”. In recent weeks, we've also observed people adding our downloadable banner ads to the bottom of their emails to let others know they support PLoS ONE. Many of our editorial board members have been asking for PDFs they can share with their peers.

To help spread awareness of PLoS ONE we have uploaded these files for your convenience. We appreciate your role in getting the word out.

Best wishes,

Chris Surridge
Managing Editor, PLoS ONE