PLoS ONE Now Accepting Submissions
Save 40% on the Publication Fee

August 14, 2006

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in PLoS ONE, the open-access online forum for the publication of primary research from all areas of science and medicine.

I thought that you would like to know that PLoS ONE is now accepting submissions. You can submit your research to us today and be one of the very first authors to publish in PLoS ONE—a publication that even before its launch has been described in the blogosphere as "nothing short of a revolution in scientific communication" and "a journal, but not as we know it".

Publishing in PLoS ONE... community led.

This will be your forum—by the people, for the people. Itís your chance to speed up scientific progress by participating in online discussion and debate of the research that you feel passionate about. about freedom for the author.

  • You get as much space as you need to tell your story.
  • Your work is freely accessible to anyone anywhere with an internet connection
  • You retain your copyright

...and is affordable.

The publication fee is US$1250 per paper. But for papers submitted between now and launch, itís only US$750.

All the information you need to submit to PLoS ONE is available at our website, Be among the first to take advantage of this exciting new venture.

Chris Surridge, Managing Editor, PLoS ONE