Introducing PLoS ONE

June 15, 2006

Dear Colleague,

As a researcher, many of you will already know PLoS (the Public Library of Science). We believe that publicly funded research should be a publicly available resource. We think this is a meaningful idea and we know that many people agree with us.

We make this a reality by publishing six peer-reviewed, open access (OA), scientific and medical journals. All are freely available online for you to use and share in any way you choose, and the copyright remains where it belongs, with the author.

PLoS has been a pioneer in the OA field since 2003, and now we are taking it further by adopting an approach that we call open access version 2.0.

What do we mean by open access 2.0?

What we are talking about is a forward looking approach to publishing that fully exploits the second generation of the Web. It goes beyond disseminating peer-reviewed research to the widest possible audience by also promoting collaboration and encouraging debate; in general supporting conversation within the global community of scientists in every way possible. We feel there is simply no better way to advance science.

The first new title to embrace this philosophy will be PLoS ONE, an interactive global forum that will publish research from all areas of science. Submissions to PLoS ONE will be given an objective and swift peer-review that concentrates on technical quality, and then rapidly presented online for comment and analysis.

PLoS ONE will only succeed with your participation.

If you feel inspired to take part, you can:

Chris Surridge

Managing Editor, PLoS ONE