Dear Friend,

Please forgive this spam, but I hope that you'll agree after reading it that my rare spams are in a good cause and direct you to something that interests you - but will not, I must say right now, make you rich.

I refer you to PLoS (Public Library of Science) Clinical Trials, a new online journal that has been launched with the intention of making sure that the results of all trials - including those unfavourable to their sponsors—are made freely and widely available.

Together with Ian Roberts, a brother iconoclast, I have written a piece in the new journal that argues that the current way of publishing trials in journals endangers patient safety and that we need a whole new, web based way of making the results of trials available. Traditional journals, in other words, should stop publishing trials—because at the moment they are giving patients and doctors evidence that is not only fragmented and non-systematic but also biased.

Patient Safety Requires a New Way to Publish Clinical Trials
Smith R, Roberts I

See what you think, and if you are either infuriated or inspired send an e-letter in response to the article. You can do this via the PLoS Clinical Trials website.

Best wishes

Richard (Smith)