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We’d like to draw your attention to a study published online today, entitled Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Blood-Screening Strategies in West Nile Virus by Caroline T. Korves and colleagues. View it now by clicking here. If you want to share these results with colleagues, please forward this email to them—all PLoS Medicine papers are free to everyone.

The study casts doubt on whether the recent requirement from the US FDA to screen blood samples in all states for West Nile Virus contamination makes good economic sense. Restricting screening to states where West Nile Virus is common and to blood products destined for elderly and immune-compromised people (i.e. those at higher risk of severe illness) would appear to reduce costs substantially without seriously compromising the health of blood recipients.

A Patient Summary written by the journal’s editors is attached to the article and interprets its content for a lay audience. A Perspective by Bruce Lee and Bradley Biggerstaff, both experts in the field, discusses the public health implications of this study.

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