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Our commitment to making the latest scientific and medical research freely available via the Internet is unwavering. Since the launch of its first journal in 2003, PLoS has established itself as a leader and catalyst in the global open access publishing movement. Just over two years later, we are publishing five open access journals all of which are peer-reviewed and free via the Internet: our flagships, PLoS Biology and PLoS Medicine, and our three new Community Journals - PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Genetics, and PLoS Pathogens.

PLoS has an exciting year ahead: we plan on launching two innovative new journals, PLoS Clinical Trials and PLoS One. These new journals will provide researchers with a unique online forum that will take full advantage of the functionality and low-cost distribution of the Web to reach more readers and increase the impact of the research literature, from the basic sciences to the latest clinical trials. And we will continue to advocate for open access on a number of international fronts and to push the boundaries of traditional publishing through our journals.

You can help us maintain the momentum of this ambitious mission. Your support will strengthen our capacity to keep the open access movement moving forward through our advocacy and communication efforts and help us launch exciting new publishing projects. For less than 30 cents a day, at different rates for students, post-docs, and faculty, you can become a Member of PLoS and receive a variety of benefits, including one of our famous T-shirts and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the open access movement bring new discoveries directly to the people that will benefit from them - with only a click of their computer mouse. Learn more about our PLoS Membership benefits and how you can receive PLoS stickers, travel mugs, and a messenger bag that you can proudly display as a PLoS Member by going to our Individual Membership page.

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