PLoS Clinical Trials: a peer-reviewed open-access journal from the Public Library of Science

Support the newest journal from the Public Library of Science

Dear Colleague,

As an advocate for the Public Library of Science, I hope that you will be interested in supporting the launch of PLoS Clinical Trials, the newest journal from PLoS. PLoS Clinical Trials will launch in Spring 2006 and will be freely accessible to all at

The journal's main goal is to improve the reporting and availability of trial results. It is thought that around half of all trials are never published -- a problem that distorts the information available for evidence-based decision making in healthcare.

Christian Gluud, from the Copenhagen Trial Unit, Denmark, and a member of the Advisory Board of PLoS Clinical Trials, comments:

"Unpublished results... undermine the trust between patients and investigators... and slow the vast potential of medical progress..."

I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how the journal can best achieve its aims of improving access to clinical trials data. To those of you who work directly in the trials field, please consider submitting your original research papers to PLoS Clinical Trials. To all, please think about forwarding this message, perhaps with a personal note, to colleagues, suggesting they consider the journal for their own work.

PLoS Clinical Trials is unique in considering all randomized trials for publication, irrespective of outcome; authors also benefit from keeping the copyright to their own work, as well as fast, rigorous peer review and the widest global audience for their research. To find out more about submitting a trial, visit

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at with your questions and feedback. Thank you from all of us at PLoS for your continued support for Open Access.


Emma Veitch, PhD
Publications Manager, PLoS Clinical Trials